Invisible Design

Since 2006, Invisible Design has been developing interactive solutions to business owner's most common problems.

Like turning your business into a beautiful and concise brand.

Or building an app that engages customers and drives sales.

Shan Robertson, Web & iOS Developer
Nelson, BC

Full Stack Javascript Development

From Node.js based API's, frameworks such as Angular & React, or simply using the latest native Javascript front end techniques, Javascript has taken over the web and has become my favorite language to write.

iOS Development

Using Swift and Objective-C I've ventured out of the world of web development and into App development. As a lover of mobile technology and gaming it was only a matter of time before these two languages were added to my repertoire.

Wordpress development of any scale.

Wordpress is an incredibly flexible platform, and with over 10 years of experience on it, I've deployed sites that utilize pre-built themes, custom themes from scratch, apps that leverage Wordpress only as a data layer, and everything in between.

Have ideas? Let's get a project going.

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